Just Where I Want To Be | Thomas J Speight 

I was alone, but I fixed every part of me.

Now I’m just where I want to be.

Anonymous: You're lovely for taking that kitten in. I had to take care of two myself a while ago during a bad storm, and they're a handful, but so worth it. I could never understand why anyone would hurt such an innocent creature.

I agree with you! It just about breaks my heart to see how sick she’s gotten, but you can just tell how appreciative she is to be here, I swear! Animals have the biggest hearts and I couldn’t imagine anyone not wanting some of the love that they give!

I think it’s lovely that you took in the kittens as well. We need more people like you <3 :]

So I’m catsitting a kitten that’s maybe two months old.

The kitten was found abandoned in an alley. It’s face is scratched up, it’s eyes are swollen and it has trouble breathing through it’s nose.

Things like this are the reason why I don’t want to be on this planet anymore. How could anyone leave a baby to fend for itself with a clear conscience? 

When I was talking to my friend, who works at the local vet, he was telling me that this year was really hard for them because of the level of abused animals that have come through their door. One instance being that a person threw a box of baby kittens out of a moving truck. 

I mean if you don’t want kittens, fine, but why throw them out of a moving vehicle? 

It’s so cruel I can’t even breathe thinking about it.

I hate wishing pain and suffering upon anyone, so I just hope that the people who treat animals like shit feel the weight of their cruelty for the rest of their lives.